I was vaguely aware of trikes in the 1980’s, (before they were banned) particularly a Honda one called “big red” which I found appealing. Much later, in 2009, I was trolling around ebay looking for quad bikes when I saw a trike for sale. October 2009, I bought “gus”, an ATC110 - in very good condition, complete and he runs well. My bro in law Philip had a ride and was quite into it, so together we decided to buy a couple of trikes we saw on ebay. An ATC90 and another 110. Though there has been the usual mechanical fooling around to get them into shape they’ve been great around our property and the tracks that extend some way into the forest around the back. It’s just wonderful to be able to think of somewhere you want to be, and then be there in a few minutes. Previously you’d either have a long walk there and back or just not go.

June 2010, I bought “big-a-papa”, an ATC200ES. It’s a shaft drive, electric start model with reverse gear. Much bigger than the other two, it’s very different to ride but just as amazing in where it can go. They don’t tear up the tracks either (if you ride them in a civil manner ;-).

Flash forward to May 2011, and I bought another one, a Yamaha ytm 200. It’s a similar size to big-a-papa, a man’s trike and has a slightly more racy personality.



It’s July 2012 and we now have another member of the trike family ... “big-a-mama”. She is almost a perfect match for big-a-papa which has been a great trike for us. Sure you might say “hey, wtf? you now have six trikes, what the hell is wrong with you?”. But you spoke too soon ... part of the deal with getting big-a-mama was that I agreed to sell two of the small trikes so the net result is really a reduction, right ?

Plan is to sell Gus (the most complete ATC110) and the ATC90. The larger trikes have proved to be better to ride over longer distances. They’re not as “mario kart” as the smaller ones which are all a big bag of fun, but ultimately are more useful which equals more justifiable, so there you go.

It’s October 2013 and there are now 8 trikes. Three of the yellow yamaha YTM 200’s, two were bought for parts, in poor nick but cleaned up well and started so I can’t bring myself to break them down. They are part of the stable.

One is seen here with our old Chev truck and the shell of a WW2 Blitz in the background.