Maybe it’s because most of my work is digital, but I am drawn to the tactile and “real” out of work hours. Ruth and I play music together, I carve wood and am drawn to other artistic endeavours that present themselves.

check out our 1980’s band, The Variables here ...

Turns out I am also a bit of a collector. Ruth and I have two 1960’s Franklin caravans (made in Ballarat) but that’s just the beginning.

more photos of wood carving, at Wonyip

an ill-fated gig at the Hampton RSL - formed just for the night, a group of nine old friends, named “Velhos Amigos” - portugese for old friends (unless google translate was playing a cruel trick on me). I say ill fated because the sound and lighting were both terrible and try as I might to feel good about how it went ... I am still unsuccessful.

Our musical collaboration with Dean Richards has blossomed into a new incarnation of WAMBO - and some videos of us playing our songs can be found on youtube.