How I found out

I now consider myself fortunate to have had an insistent lower back pain - without it prompting me to seek medical advice my cancer would have grown unhindered for much longer.
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My Multiple Myeloma 01

Diagnosed: Sept. 2005

Radiation: Sept 2005

• Tattersalls


• Sept 2005 - Jan 2006

• Epworth, Melbourne

Stem Cell Transplant: Jan 2006

- Royal Melbourne Hospital, Bone Marrow Transplant Ward

Remission: March 2006

Relapse: mid 2008

Escalation: early 2012

Current: reducing MM levels with intravenous Velcade treatment

What happened next

After the barrage of hospital tests I moved pretty quickly into treatment, both radiation and chemotherapy. Like anything that lasts more than a week or to, I did eventually “settle in” for the duration.

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What was the worst bit ?

There are a lot of worst bits about dealing with cancer. Each phase of treatment is it’s own thing but overall the treatment phase has a certain momentum, I was presented with what to do next and dealing with that occupied much of my thoughts. Once the treatment was done however, I felt cast adrift to deal with the physical and mental fallout myself. I was far from well and no-one warned me that it would take over 2 years to feel even vaguely normal again.

It’s now May, 2009. My paraprotein levels have risen again, which has meant that my drug dosage has increased as well. Hey, that also causes increased side effects ... so, everythings going up, right ? Well - I trust this will stop the rising levels and may even have them drop slightly which would be a relief.  ... click here to find out what it’s like to be me right now.

What is Multiple Myeloma ?

It is a form of cancer that populates the bone marrow. Bone marrow is where components of the immune system and blood are created so Multiple Myeloma causes normal production of these cells to be disrupted and over-run by mutated cancerous cells. When it’s active, the cancer is in all parts of the body where bone mass is sufficient to have marrow but becomes more concentrated in some areas where it forms tumours called Myelomas. Multiple refers to the fact that most often many tumours form in different parts of the body. It is currently incurable but often and in my case treatable.
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